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Benefits of Lease Financing

We understand the impact that acquiring equipment can have on your company.  Leasing provides a valuable alternative to absorbing cash flow or lines of credit in order to purchase equipment. With F.N.B. Equipment Finance, you don’t have to sacrifice your ability to choose your equipment and vendor.  We give you options, and we work hard to help you increase your efficiencies and improve your profitability.


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Consider the benefits of equipment leasing with F.N.B. Equipment Finance:

100% financing on all used and new equipment. Traditional lenders will require a substantial down payment, but F.N.B. Equipment Finance typically asks only for only the first and last payment and a one-time documentation fee. You can also include soft costs such as software, installation and shipping in your lease, making your purchase of new equipment more affordable.

Competitive rates and flexible terms allow us to offer you a variety of term leases, ranging from 24 to 72 months. Our leasing program can be tailored to fit your business needs.

Tax benefits can be realized on a Finance Lease, or Capital Lease, by allowing you to build more equity in the equipment with each payment. As a result, you may be able to claim the benefits of ownership for tax purposes.

Lower payments can be one benefit of a Tax Lease because your payment is reduced to reflect that you are not receiving the tax benefits of ownership.  In addition, you can claim the full lease payment as an operating expense or tax deduction.