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At F.N.B. Equipment Finance, we take the time to understand your business, and then we tailor a leasing structure that works for you. Our flexible and creative payment plans help us meet your specific business needs.

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Skip Payments
For those customers who have seasonal businesses with a recognized pattern of slow months, we offer a lease structure that requires only nine payments each year.

Annual, Quarterly & Semi-Annual Payments
These payment plans typically work well for our municipal customers.

30, 60 and 90 Day Deferred First Payment
We can defer your first payment for up to 90 days if a deposit is made to the vendor for the purchase of a new unit.

Customized Payment
If you would benefit from making higher payments during your busy season and lower payments in the off season, we can help you determine a monthly payment schedule that will suit your business cash flow.

F.N.B. Equipment Finance is committed to finding the best business solution for you.  If you need a payment option not listed here, give us a call to see what we can do for you.