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OverdraftHonorTM may be available on your checking account if you qualify. Ask your First National Bank Personal Banker today.

In our effort to always provide excellent customer service, we may, as a discretionary service and not a right or obligation guaranteed to you, approve your overdrafts up to the OverdraftHonor limit predetermined by the bank (including any applicable fees) when your account is in good standing.

Good Standing Criteria:

  • Your account is at least 90 days old
  • You are making regular deposits consistent with past practices
  • You have deposited $500 or more in the last 30 day period
  • You are not in default on any loan obligation to FNB
  • You are not subject to any legal administrative order or levy
  • You have not abused the program


We have adopted this discretionary policy to provide for the highest efficiency in managing customer overdrafts consistently and fairly. At our discretion, we may pay checks and permit transactions up to the OverdraftHonor limit per account for non-sufficient fund (“NSF") items. We will return unpaid any checks written on your account that exceed the OverdraftHonor limit; special arrangements or circumstances may, however, change this amount. Any and all applicable Bank fees and charges, including without limitation NSF/overdraft fees (as set forth in our Fee Schedule and Deposit Account Agreement) will be included as part of the OverdraftHonor limit. You should also be aware that any fees we charge as a result of an overdraft will be subtracted from your OverdraftHonor limit.

Presently, all items that are presented when insufficient funds exist in the account to pay the item, will result in a charge to your account of $37.00 per item, whether it is paid or returned. Additionally, we will charge an $8.00 fee on the second business day and every business day that the account remains in an overdrawn status. The bank may pay items presented against an account in any order. This may affect the number of NSF items. You can find the bank’s current policy in its Deposit Account Agreement or by contacting us at any time. At this time, we pay all items in a high to low order.

Please note that if your account balance is insufficient to pay any item presented, we are not obligated to pay the item (even if we have previously paid such items), nor are we obligated to provide prior notice of our decision to refuse such payment. However, if you present a check or initiate a transaction for payment (and have not previously notified us that you wish all NSFs returned) and we create an overdraft as a result of such check or transaction, you agree (in accordance with our Deposit Account Agreement) to immediately pay us the amount of the overdraft and any applicable published fees. Failure to pay the overdraft and applicable fee amounts immediately may result in the assessment of additional fees that will continue to accrue until you pay the overdraft. These fees include, but are not limited to, items presented against uncollected funds, insufficient funds, overdrafts, overdraft protection transfers, return items, consecutive day overdrafts and collection services. Please see our Fee Schedule and Deposit Account Agreement for further explanation of these fees, which may affect your OverdraftHonor limit. Each account holder is jointly and severally responsible under the Deposit Account Agreement for the payment of any overdraft amounts and associated fees.

Also note that if you have previously established a line of credit or a linked savings account to cover overdrafts, a charge or transfer from that line or account will be initiated before your OverdraftHonor limit is accessed. 

Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, or you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.

It is the policy of First National Bank to operate in accordance with all applicable safety and soundness standards. Our Deposit Account Agreement controls the duties, obligations and rights of you, persons you have authorized to access your account, and the Bank with regard to your checking account. The terms of our Deposit Account Agreement will control in the event there is a conflict between our OverdraftHonor Policy and the Deposit Account Agreement.