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Overdraft Options

We know that the occasional overdraft can happen, so First National Bank provides a variety of overdraft options to fit your unique needs and preferences. Contact your Personal Banker to decide on the best solution for you. To view your options, visit the links below.






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What You Need to Know About Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees


Overdraft Services

  • With Overdraft Services, First National Bank will strive to approve and pay items that overdraw your account up to a discretionary limit.
  •  Get Details on important information about Overdraft Services.

Overdraft Protection

  • We also offer overdraft protection plans allowing you to link to a First National Bank checking or savings account, or to a Cash Reserve Personal Line of Credit. Get Details
  • To link to another FNB account for overdraft protection, contact your Personal Banker or call 800-555-5455.

Health Savings Accounts are not eligible for overdraft protection.