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Homeowners Assistance Center

The following information is if you have a mortgage with First National Bank and are looking for debt relief options due to a recent hardship, or if you are looking for more information on mortgage refinance options with First National Bank.






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The current challenging economic times may be causing financial hardships for many homeowners. We can help you find debt-relief options if a reduction in income, increase in expenses, or both are making it difficult to stay current on your mortgage payments.

At First National Bank, we are following the guidelines established through the U.S. Treasury Department’s Home Affordability and Stability Plan for eligible homeowners. These guidelines can be reviewed through the Plan website If you don’t qualify under the Home Modification Program guidelines, let us help you determine other available options.

Please visit or call your local First National Bank Branch to request an eligibility questionnaire. Your local branch associate will forward your questionnaire answers to our mortgage servicing specialists who will then contact you to discuss solutions. If you are unable to contact a local branch, please email us at and tell us your name, phone number, email address and mortgage loan account number along with the preferred time to contact you to discuss your options.

Debt relief options are available for eligible homeowners. First National Bank can help you look at the variety of options that may provide the payment help you need if you are facing late payments in the future or are already past due on your mortgage payments.