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Let First National Bank help make planning for the future easier. Browse through the articles in the many different categories to help you with complicated issues you grapple with every day. Our goal is to help you in your financial decisions and be a resource for your questions.

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Pension plan limits 2007.pdf

Better than a crystal ball.pdf

Immediate annuity.pdf

New pension protection law.pdf

Not only for the rich and famous.pdf

Primer on exchange traded funds.pdf

Smart wealth transfer strategies.pdf

Think taxes when selling fund shares.pdf


Estate Articles

Add a layer of safety with professional executor.pdf

Avoid common pitfalls.pdf

Buy sell agreements

Choosing a guardian.pdf

Do it yourself.pdf

Joint ownership.pdf

Life insurance.pdf

Living will.pdf

Make estate planning a priority.pdf

Planning with a life insurance trust.pdf

Smart wealth transfer strategies.pdf

Supplementing your will.pdf

Valuing your estate assets.pdf

What can a will do for you.pdf

When a spouse dies.pdf


Financial Articles

An education in savings.pdf

Better than a crystal ball.pdf

Borrowing from your 401(k).pdf


Don't drop the ball.pdf

How do you define risk.pdf

Not only for the rich and famous.pdf

Reaching your long-term goals.pdf

The road to wealth.pdf

When marriage ends.pdf

Wise moves for young families.pdf


General Articles

Home renovations.pdf

Ratios can provide answers.pdf

Reviving a declining business.pdf

Save this, toss that.pdf

Stay at home employees.pdf

Unclaimed but not unwanted.pdf


Gift Tax Articles

Determining the tax.pdf

Giving while you're living.pdf

Making gifts with GRAT.pdf

Planning for your family's future.pdf

Presents with a future.pdf

Securing your children's future.pdf

Tis better to give.pdf


Income Tax Articles

A dependent? It depends.pdf

Alternate minimum tax.pdf

Cost basis - more than meets the eye.pdf

Investors. Time for some tax planning.pdf

Moving expense deductions.pdf

Mutual funds.pdf

New rules for charitable giving.pdf

Paying for college.pdf

Planning for a future sale of your home.pdf

Saving taxes on savings bonds.pdf

Second home's built in advantages.pdf

Taking advantage of tax credits.pdf

Think taxes when selling fund shares.pdf

Turning hobbies into businesses.pdf

What income do you have to report.pdf


Investing Articles

A beginner's guide.pdf

All stock investments are not the same.pdf

Before you buy that stock...pdf

Common investment mistakes.pdf

Investment mistakes that prevent success.pdf

How asset allocation influences portfolio performance.pdf

How do you define risk.pdf

Investing for a college education.pdf

Investing for all your goals.pdf

Long-term view toward long-term gain.pdf

Managing the risks of owning stocks.pdf

Mutual funds or securities, Which are right for you.pdf

Primer on exchange traded funds.pdf

Tracking stock performance.pdf

What is your investment IQ.pdf

What's average about dollar cost averaging.pdf

Word to investors: Diversify.pdf


Retirement Articles

65 and still saving.pdf

401(k) plan.pdf

Cost of living adjustments 2007.pdf

Pension plan limits 2007.pdf

Aim for a healthier financial future.pdf

Are your personal finances on solid ground.pdf

Asset management during retirement.pdf

Build 401(k) with profit sharing

Can you deduct your investment expenses.pdf

Can you live on less.pdf


Comparing SEP and simple retirement plans.pdf

Early retirement buyout.pdf

Give your 401(k) a check-up.pdf

Healthy habits.pdf

How to choose investments.pdf

Immediate annuity - part of your plan.pdf

Is an income portfolio a good retirement strategy.pdf

New pension protection law - 401(k).pdf

On the road to retirement.pdf

Pay attention to your pension payout options.pdf

Providing for your children.pdf

What is your retirement goal.pdf

Rewarding your employees with a profit sharing plan.pdf

Solo saving.pdf

What is your savings strategy.pdf

When should you begin taking social security benefits.pdf

Will you have enough money for retirement.pdf


Trust Articles

A trust - what can it do for you.pdf

Adding a personal backup.pdf

Benefits of giving through a charitable trust.pdf

Charitable trusts.pdf

Choosing a trustee.pdf

CRT - Does it stand for Can Reduce Taxes.pdf

Life insurance trusts.pdf

Living trusts and taxes.pdf

Revocable living trusts - help in a health crisis.pdf

Revocable living trust to the rescue.pdf

Revocable living trust.pdf

Taxes aside - other uses of a trust.pdf

What should you know.pdf