How does it work?

First Desktop Banker comes with easy-to-use hardware and software that electronically scans and deposits your checks. The check scanning hardware creates electronic images of your customers’ checks throughout the day. After you scan the checks, just upload the images to FNB for deposit into your account.

Do I need to keep copies my customers’ original checks?

Store them in a safe location for 14 days. After that, you can destroy all original checks.

What if I need a copy of a customer’s check?

Check images are stored for up to 45 days on the First Desktop Banker online system. Just go to the online image research and retrieval system, available 24/7 through our website. If you need a copy of a check that's more than 45 days old, it's available from the bank for up to seven years.

What about security?

First Desktop Banker uses the latest encryption technology and multi-level password protection to ensure your checks' safety and security. And since you don't have to take checks to the bank, they can't get lost or stolen.

How do I know if there are insufficient funds or a stop payment?

We'll notify you in either case.

What if my business has several locations?

First Desktop Banker can be installed at multiple locations, so each one can deposit checks into one common business account. No more multiple visits to branches, no more night deposits.