Card Skimming

Be aware to protect yourself from card skimming.

Unfortunately, cybercrime – including the theft of ATM or Debit Card information through skimming devices – is increasingly part of everyday life for the customers we serve. FNB uses advanced technology, regular physical inspection and video surveillance to monitor and protect our ATM network. However, there are also steps that you can take to protect yourself at gas pumps, retailers or any place your card is scanned.


  • Skimming devices typically fit over card readers. Before you perform a transaction, make sure the machine you are using doesn’t have wires hanging from it or look like it has been tampered with.  
  • Inspect the card reader.  Go ahead and give it a tug to see if it feels loose or out of place. If the reader looks like it has been affixed with tape or Velcro, or if you notice damage such as scratches or adhesive residue, try another machine and report your concern immediately. 
  • Cover your hands when you enter your PIN.  It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself from a scammer’s hidden camera.
  •  A simple balance check at the end of the day can help limit damage in case of fraud.  If you don't already use online banking, it's worth considering. Being able to quickly access and review your account activity could help you to identify fraudulent transactions and allow you to report them much sooner.