Corporate Security Tips

The hackers are out there. Some tips for beating them are right here.
In today's era of cyber crime, keeping data secure is a matter of common sense and constant vigilance. We've developed policies and procedures designed to address data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We invite you to review the following security tips to help you generate awareness among your employees of the importance of security.
  • Control access to sensitive areas of the office.
  • Monitor what sensitive material is taken out of the office by staff.
  • Ensure that all company data and customer information are securely controlled.
  • Educate staff about password confidentiality, and reinforce this regularly.
  • Check that all requests for information are genuine, and ignore any request for bank account details and passwords, whether by phone or email.
  • Ignore suspicious emails, and consider deleting them unread.
  • Be very wary of clicking on any links contained within an email; always cut and past URL information into a new browser window.
  • Shred documents containing personal or financial information before discarding.
  • Keep track of the registered details of your company and directors.
  • Keep your web browser and anti-virus applications up to date with security patches.
  • Ensure that negotiable instruments, check stock and signature stamps are stored securely and accessible only under dual control.
  • Ensure that account transaction reconciliation functions are performed utilizing segregation of duties processes, and that they are performed and reviewed in a timely manner.
  • Implement dual control/approval for wire transfer and direct deposit/debit automated clearing house (ACH) transaction origination.
  • Frequently check and review systems and processes with your ‘security hat’ on.
  • Review transaction activity and account information on a daily basis. First National Bank has several treasury management services, such as corporate banking and Positive Pay, that can provide more tools to help with the review. If you see anything unusual, contact the bank right away.
  • Remind everyone in your organization that skilled fraudsters will resort to all manner of subtlety and guile to trick people into disclosing valuable information, so it always pays to be alert.