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Home Equity Line of Credit 3.74% APR

Home Equity Line of Credit

There are so many things you can do simply by utilizing the power of your home's equity... remodel that bathroom or kitchen you’ve been wanting to update; paint the inside of the house and add some new furniture; plan for that dream vacation you've always wanted.

Well now is the time. With great, low rates available to meet your needs you now have the power.
But power doesn't last forever... and neither will these rates.

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Disclosure for Home Equity Line of Credit Promotion for PA, OH, MD, VA and WV

Annual Percentage Rate: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) shown is available as of March 22, 2018 to well qualified applicants for variable rate lines of credit of $150,000 or more secured by single-family owner occupied residential property. A line amount of $25,000 is eligible for Prime minus 0.26% (4.49% APR), a line amount of $50,000 is eligible for Prime minus 0.51% (4.24% APR) and a line amount of $100,000 is eligible for Prime minus 0.76% (3.99% APR). The APRs shown are available on 85% combined loan to value. Refinancing of any First National Bank loan requires an increase of $25,000. Interest rate will vary as the Wall Street Journal’s Prime Rate changes to Prime minus 1.01% for $150,000 or more lines of credit, minus 0.76% for $100,000 lines of credit, minus 0.51% for $50,000 lines of credit or minus 0.26% for $25,000 lines of credit, but will never exceed the applicable state maximum rate which is 18% in Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and 15% in Pennsylvania. This offer is subject to geographical limitations as determined by First National Bank. As of March 22, 2018, the Wall Street Journal’s Prime Rate is 4.75%. Consult with a tax advisor to determine whether the interest you pay is tax deductible. Your APR may be higher based on the prevailing variable rate index value, your credit qualifications, the amount of your credit line, combined loan to value, whether you elect the automatic payment feature from a FNB checking account and/or property type. Insurance: Property insurance is required. Title Insurance is required on lines of $500,000 or more at borrower expense. Flood insurance may be required. Annual Fee: Annual fee of $50 charged each anniversary date may apply. Early Termination Fee: Early termination fee of $350 may be assessed if line is closed within the first three years. LockOption Fee: LockOption fee of $75 for each lock. If the LockOption feature is requested, your payment must be automatically deducted from a First National Bank deposit account and cannot be cancelled. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Approval subject to credit qualifications. Other terms available at different rates.

First National Bank NMLS# 766529

Offer available in the following states: PA, OH, MD, VA and WV

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