Visa® Checkout

Now shopping is easy with just the click of a button when you use Visa Checkout. All the benefits you love from FNB plus secure and fast purchasing!

Save time shopping online, just in time for the holidays.


Visa Checkout makes paying online fast and simple to use. No more searching for your card when you're ready to checkout online or filling out long card information forms when you want to make a purchase. It is hassle free and saves you time!


Once you have securely performed the one-time registration of your debit or credit card information on the Visa website, just click the Visa Checkout button on your favorite online shopping sites and buy!

Visa Secure

Shop Just About Anywhere

There are thousands of shopping websites that participate in the Visa Checkout program. Check out some of your favorite sites that offer Visa Checkout.

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Securely enroll your FNB Visa debit and credit cards in Visa Checkout.

Please note: If you use CardGuard to block transactions by Location, you will need to temporarily turn off that control to enroll in Visa Checkout. Once you successfully enroll your card in Visa Checkout, you can turn on your CardGuard Locations Controls again.

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