Message to our valued customers

**First National Bank takes the security of your accounts and confidential information very seriously.  Please review the following security tips for you protection:

A Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a form of phishing attack where a cyber criminal impersonates an executive (often the CEO), and attempts to get an employee, customer, or vendor to transfer funds or sensitive information to the phisher.

Unlike traditional phishing attacks, which target a large number of individuals across a company, BEC attacks are highly focused. Cyber criminals will scrape compromised email inboxes, study recent company news, and research employees on social media sites in order to make these email attacks look as convincing as possible. This high level of targeting helps these email scams to slip through spam filters and evade email whitelisting campaigns. It can also make it much, much harder for employees to recognize the email is not legitimate.  An email message request for payment to be sent outside the company should ALWAYS be verified OUTSIDE of the email channel to ensure it is a legitimate request.  Do not verify the request via email as the verification may be coming from the fraudster.