O ur words, decisions and actions are directed by principles that distinguish us in our markets and with our customers. By demonstrating these principles in our daily behaviors, we deliver on our brand promise. our operating PrincipLEs what guides our decisions We are customer driven by building relationships which help customers reach their financial goals. We take the time to learn about our customers’ needs and respond with a consultative approach that makes it easy to do business with us. Our commitment to local decision- making creates more seamless customer interactions. We are quality oriented by doing what’s right with the right resources, whether it’s investing in the most innovative technology and infrastructure or developing the people who shape a superior customer experience. We are efficient by responding quickly, streamlining processes and controlling overhead expense. We focus on process improvement to heighten accuracy and allocate our resources judiciously to benefit our customers as well as the overall performance of our Company. We grow the Company and the individual by respecting one another and continually seeking to improve. By balancing the best interests of all constituents, we make good, fair decisions so that everyone can prosper. We embrace coaching, teamwork and entrepreneurship by enabling each other to succeed, solve problems and perform at a high level. When we foster collaboration and encourage participation in decision-making, we celebrate our successes as one team with one great culture. Our responsibility as leaders is to ensure that our employees have the necessary resources to be successful. We maintain sound financial practices and governance processes through our commitment to ethical behavior, a solid reputation, a firm record of compliance and the stability these strengths create, both within our Company and for our customers. We are focused on creating a culture that emphasizes risk management and encourages appropriate interactions with our clients. Our code of conduct clearly reflects our philosophy and prohibits inappropriate behavior. We understand and manage to our Company’s risk tolerance to fulfill our Company mission and operate profitably. Our Statement of Risk Appetite expresses our Company views regarding what risks we are willing to assume to ensure sufficient returns, safety and soundness, including maintaining the safety of our deposits and protecting our stakeholders’ interests. As a general rule, we accept low to moderate levels of risk to achieve adequate returns for our stakeholders. “Everyone focuses on creating a financial strategy for our customers to help them achieve their goals and be successful.”