our core values How we interact with others O ur core values are distinctive qualities which make FNB unique and provide our work with real purpose. From our front- line employees to our support staff, these values guide our interactions with each other as well as the relationships we build with our customers, shareholders and communities. “We’re a future-focused company committed to our values and customers.” “Our collective commitment is to consistently deliver a superior experience.” Integrity and Honor. We maintain the highest ethical standards in all our actions. By always doing the right thing, assuming accountability for our actions and treating everyone fairly, we have earned a reputation of trust, respect and honor. Excellence and Passion. We provide the highest level of personal service and support to all clients — both internal and external. We have a genuine interest in our customers, make their needs a priority and are passionate about helping them to succeed. Our collective commitment is to consistently deliver a superior experience. Teamwork and Collaboration. We are one team unified by a common purpose. Our spirit of collaboration ensures we all pull in the same direction for the good of the entire organization and that each team member has a clear understanding of how his or her role impacts our Company. Innovation and Creativity. We embrace ideas that move us forward. Welcoming creativity and diverse points of view at all levels of the organization, we thrive on developing forward-thinking concepts for new and innovative ways of doing business. Leadership and Recognition. We lead by example — in our field and in our communities — creating opportunities to make meaningful contributions. Our Company embraces local decision-making and individual responsibility, empowering employees who truly understand their customers’ unique needs to develop the most appropriate solutions. We have a deep appreciation for what each employee brings to the table and recognize significant accomplishments with professional development, promotion from within and awards programs.