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Our Client Success Stories

Here are more examples of small business customers who have allowed FNB to be part of their success.

Our Clients' Stories

Read testimonials from our small business customers to learn more about some of the businesses we have recently assisted in realizing their goals.

Helping Growing Businesses Thrive

Flippin Jays was looking for a partner to execute a bold growth strategy. FNB had the solutions, capital and expertise they needed.

"Banking with First National Bank is done with ease, thanks to our amazing banker. FNB offers an array of products and services that fit our business needs. We are always kept up to date on all of the products and services they have to offer.”

Jeremy Haney
Flippin Jays

Looking for a financial partner who’s as invested in the success of your business as you are? We’re ready when you are. Let’s Get Started.

Helping Minority-owned Businesses Thrive

To grow in an underserved community, W.M. Smith McNeal Funeral Home needed a true partner. They found one in FNB.

“In 2020, we had hopes of relocating our firm to a bigger and better location. Thanks to First National Bank, the major purchase of our new location went without a hitch the following year. The professionalism and friendliness of their bankers persuaded us to move all of our accounts to First National Bank. We are excited for our future relationship with everyone at First National Bank.”

Bryan McNeal, Jr.
Smith-McNeal Funeral Home

We’re proud to provide financial solutions that set businesses up for success. Get in touch with a team who’s just as committed to helping you succeed. Let’s Get Started.

A Banking Relationship That Feels Like Family

To grow their family-owned business, Stevens Septic Service needed a dedicated and responsive partner. FNB treated them like family.

"I have been banking for around 45 plus years at different banks. FNB bought the bank we were previously banking at. Since I have been banking at FNB, the management has bent over backwards for us. Our company has grown in the past few years because of FNB. The management and staff that I bank with in Union County, Monroe, NC, are very friendly and courteous. They treat you like family. They have always been there for us!! I am proud to do my banking with such a team at FNB.”

Terry Stevens
Stevens Septic Service

FNB understands the passion and hard work that goes into family-owned businesses. We’re here to lend a hand. Let’s Get Started.

A Bank That Thinks as Big as You Do

Cardinal Industrial Holdings had a vision other banks could not see. FNB helped them realize it.

"I formed Cardinal Industrial Holdings in May 2019 and acquired the two companies. Although IMS was 14 years old and well-established; the company’s current bank did not want to partner with the new entity. Thus, I was forced to seek out a new banking partner. My acquisition team introduced me to FNB. They immediately did a deep dive into our needs and focused on understanding who we were, what we needed and where we planned to go. FNB provided us with the financial toolbox to launch the acquisition as well as set our growth strategy in motion. We closed out 2021 by setting a historical company record in sales revenue. Thank you, FNB team, for having confidence in us and serving as a financial pillar to our success!"

Darin Smith
Cardinal Industrial Holdings

Our team works to understand not only your operation, but also your vision for the future. We’d love to help you get there. Let’s Get Started.

Building On Your Success Today And Tomorrow

As a surging 110-year old premiere design-build firm with a high reputation for outstanding quality and personalized service, PWCampbell was looking for a bank to match their standards.

"Initially, we engaged First National Bank to handle all of our basic banking needs. At first, it was a very traditional business relationship, however that quickly changed. The level of personalized attention and outstanding service was something that we immediately took note of – and it wasn’t just at the Manager level either. Senior Executives were always just as available as managers, and always gave us their undivided attention. As a previous banker myself, I know what to look for in a financial partner, and I can honestly say that they’ve exceeded all of our expectations. They now handle every single one of our financial needs, including our 401K planning - and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership. We consider FNB an integral part of our past, current, and future growth strategy."

Jim Caliendo
President and CEO

We understand that many businesses have a long history of success that they work hard to protect every day. So do we. Let’s work together to continue your success story into the future.

Keeping Your Business Running In Uncertain Times

You may think all banks are the same, but they’re not.

"When I opened my business 9 years ago, I decided to use First National Bank because of their convenient location. Back then, I just thought all banks were the same. Then, COVID 19 happened. During March of 2020, my business was told to close for two weeks. On the second day of my closure, my FNB bank manager called me to ask if I was ok. After dealing with her for several years, she knew my business well. After I told her that I should be fine and that it was only 2 weeks, she made a few suggestions that could help me reopen once the mandate was lifted. I decided to take her advice. Those 2 weeks turned into 7 weeks before I could reopen my business. Now, looking back over the last 12 months, I am not sure if my business would have survived without that phone call. That call forced me to plan further ahead and to have money available if needed. Now, I know all banks are not the same! I will always be a First National Bank customer."

Edwin F Wilt III, Owner
Diner 22

Any bank can open your business’ accounts. But when your business needs help, we’re always there. Sometimes without you having to ask. Let’s get started!

Scoring On And Off The Ice

The Charlotte Checkers hockey organization wanted more than just a bank. They wanted a financial partner who would keep their best interests in mind. FNB was the perfect choice.

"The best decision we made for our business was to move our financial dealings to First National Bank. By doing so, we acquired an entire team of professionals who are genuinely looking out for our best interests. I cannot speak highly enough about our experience. In an era where building personal, human relationships with a bank seems out of reach, FNB has mastered it. "

Tera Black
Chief Operating Officer
Charlotte Checkers

Great products, personal service and the right people to deliver. Now that’s a hat trick worth cheering about! Let’s Get Started!

Caring For Those Who Serve Our Communities

Dr. Rahmanian was looking for a bank that would care and work as hard for him as he does for his patients. He found that at FNB.

"As a solo physician, I am a service business caring for patients be it neighbors or someone passing through. After doing that for over 30 years it becomes second nature and you assume everyone else does the same.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a business lockdown was initiated in March and patients avoided any care resulting in empty exam rooms and cancellation of all elective procedures in the hospitals. Expenses and payroll didn’t go away and laying off employees was not an option. Fortunately, the government introduced the Paycheck Protection Program, filling the gap and allowing my staff to receive a paycheck. However, no other bank would help you if you didn’t have a large account with them. Although somewhat late in the game, I turned to the First National Bank for help, which is when I met the “superwoman” banker who cared for all my needs and answered all my questions. I could get ahold of her anytime, day or night and even on weekends.

It’s in times of need when you figure out who are your true friends. A good bank is part of the local community and cares for its people and businesses. First National Bank is truly a great community neighbor that cares. "

Dr. Nader Rahmanian, MD LLC

At FNB, we know actions speak louder than words. That’s why our staff was available 7 days a week to help Dr. Rahmanian and others during the pandemic. And today, we’re here to help you too. Let’s get started.

Making Sure the Care Continues for NCCI in Charlotte

Caring for children sounds like a simple mission for National Child Care Institute of Charlotte. But their work is so much more. FNB took the time to become invested in their success.

"We chose First National Bank (FNB) because they were very interested in the success of our business. They also provided the necessary resources we needed to meet our business objectives. Several banks presented their proposals to secure our business, but FNB provided a level of financial expertise and information that was tailored to our financial circumstances and budget. Choosing them was the best decision we have made in recent years. FNB was instrumental in offering us relief through the “PPP” program which has helped us tremendously. We cherish the relationship with FNB."

National Child Care Institute of Charlotte (NCCI)
Hiwatha Bell, Owner and Executive Director

We took the time to listen to Hiwatha and then built a plan that best fit her business needs and goals. We’d love to listen to your story today and see what we can build together.
Meet with an FNB Expert

An Experienced Textile Company Needed an Experienced Bank

United Textile wanted a bank that knew them personally. FNB was a logical fit.

"To a small business, the PPP process was intimidating and stressful. FNB walked me thru the process - making sure I had all the information and documents together that would be needed. Because of this, my application was one of the first ones accepted. These funds helped us through the worst times we have ever seen."

“I chose FNB because of their people and their willingness to help me and my business. I like to be able to talk to someone that personally knows me. I can pick up the phone, call, and know a person will answer or call right back. I’m not just a number to them.”

United Textile Distribution
Rick Etheridge, Owner and President

Sometimes it’s a simple conversation that opens the door for a successful partnership. Experience the FNB difference today – Let’s Get Started.
Meet with an FNB Expert

Being there to Keep GROCO Afloat

GROCO needed to reach out to a bank they didn’t know to help them during one of the most crucial times in their history. We didn’t let them down.

"GROCO is a marine hardware company in Maryland with a rich tradition and history. When the Covid-19 slowdown occurred and financial help became available for businesses through the federal PPP program, there was tremendous confusion among businesses and some lenders. Our lender was not able to explain the process or even accept our application, so we had to seek help from an alternate bank – that bank was FNB. Without hesitation, FNB stepped up and helped us through a very daunting process and we were truly grateful."

Gross Mechanical Laboratories, Inc.
Donald Gross, President

We have the privilege of meeting and working with new customers every day. We’d love to meet you – let’s get together today and plan for your success.
Meet with an FNB Expert

Helping a House Continue to Be a Home for Others

Community Centers are one of the backbones of smaller communities. FNB understands that mission and supports local communities everywhere.

"Hosanna House is a community center that fosters education and inspires hope. Our relationship with FNB started well before COVID-19 and the same attentiveness they gave us as a customer was extended during this very difficult time as well. We would not have been able to respond so quickly and efficiently without this relationship that they have intentionally cultivated with us as a customer. We are forever grateful."

Hosanna House, Inc.
Leon E. Hayes III, Founding CEO

Hosanna House has been a customer and a friend of FNB for years. Helping them during the pandemic was “business as usual” for us. Building trust and quality relationships with businesses is what we do best and are most proud of at FNB. Let’s work together to build a relationship with your business today.
Meet with an FNB Expert

A Teaching Moment

The work of Extended Family Programs is important to so many children and families. We were proud to be there for them when they needed us the most – because that’s what a reliable partner does

"As an education service provider, we specialize in developing children through academics, social skills and behavior. Our work is important, and people rely on us every day. The Paycheck Protection Program was much needed assistance for us, so we turned to FNB for help. We have been banking with them for over 20 years. They have always been helpful with our needs and made the process of applying for the PPP very convenient. I honestly don’t know how we would have gotten through it without them. Many thanks."

Extended Family Programs, Inc.
Mable Washington, Executive Director

Understanding how people relied on our business customers helped us focus during the PPP process. Our passion was to do whatever it took – working long hours and weekends - to help our customers continue to help others. We understood their mission and their goals. What’s your business’s mission? Let’s talk today.
Meet with an FNB Expert

Helping a Chiropractic Practice Make Adjustments

Mountain Island Chiropractic
When Dr. Nicholas and Abby Knutson's chiropractic practice needed help, we had their backs.

"I called 27 banks looking for assistance during a stressful time. Only one returned my phone call―First National Bank. It is a great comfort to know that there is a bank that will be here to help our family when we most need it!"

Dr. Nicholas and Abby Knutson
Owners, Mountain Island Chiropractic

We're proud to have helped Mountain Island Chiropractic move forward. Let's talk about how we can advance your business too. 
Meet with an FNB Expert

Going the Extra Yard for a Landscaping Company

Sandbek Outdoors
Entrepreneur and Sandbek Outdoors owner Curtis Sandbek has relied on FNB to help grow his businesses for years.

"Because of FNB, my original company has been able to flourish, and we have created several new companies whose accounts and loans are also with FNB.

FNB worked night and day and weekends to make sure that every one of my businesses were taken care of as quickly as possible because they realized how important this was to us."

Curtis Sandbek
President, Sandbek Outdoors

Taking care of clients like Sandbek Outdoors is our top priority. Find out how we can help your business thrive.
Meet with an FNB Expert

Turning the Tables for a Restaurant Franchise

Atria Juniper Grill
When Atria's and Juniper Grill restaurants needed PPP guidance, their existing banking relationships were unresponsive.

"Without hesitation FNB stepped in and offered assistance in trying to secure funding for our company. They treated our company as though we've been banking with FNB for 23 years.

As a result of the service I received, I transferred all of our banking needs to FNB. The FNB team made me feel as though I was their only customer."

Doug Kaminski
CFO, Restaurant Holdings LP

We're here to assist businesses like Atria's and Juniper Grill restaurants adapt. Find out how we can help your organization get back on track.
Meet with an FNB Expert

Answering an Ambulance Company's Distress Call

Lower Alsace Ambulance
When Lower Alsace Ambulance Association's longtime bank halted PPP loan processing without notice, executive director Philip Salamone called FNB.

"First National Bank was absolutely phenomenal in getting our organization approved for the PPP loan program, enough that our organization has agreed to change banks in large part due to their rapid, precise and conscientious customer service.

Unlike most businesses, as first responders we were forced to increase our staffing and spending to meet the demand for those having medical emergencies; something that could not have been accomplished without FNB's support."

Philip Salamone
Executive Director, Lower Alsace Ambulance Association

We take pride in keeping vital community businesses like Lower Alsace running strong. Let's talk about how we can recover your business today.
Meet with an FNB Expert

Serving Up a Relief Plan for a Craft Bistro

Local West
Local West restaurant owner Jon Mavrakis has long relied on FNB. So when he needed a PPP loan to protect his livelihood, he knew where to turn.

"Banking with FNB has been vital to the success of our business. They have superior customer service, are nimble, creative problem solvers and are relationship driven. I truly feel that they are a partner. They take the time to not only understand your business, but assist in reaching your ultimate goals — especially in challenging times."

Jon Mavrakis
Owner, Local West

We work with businesses everyday to make sure they are on the right track to success. Let's build a plan together!
Meet with an FNB Expert

Caring for Those Who Care for Others

Superior Home Care
Businesses that care for others are the backbone of our communities. When a longtime FNB customer and owner of a personal care home needed help to keep her business running, we were there for her and her employees.

"FNB and the Paycheck Protection Program were a blessing to my company. I was able to keep all of my employees working, safe and healthy while continuing to care for those who put their trust in us.

Sherry Hargrave, Director/Owner
Superior Home Care, Inc.

We're always here when you need us the most. Let's talk today about how we can partner for your success.
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