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    Explore New Markets

    International expansion is an ideal way to put capital to use for future growth. Outside of the competitive advantages that intern...

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    Cash is King

    Expediting collections is critical to efficient and effective treasury management. Greater efficiencies mean improved cash flow an...

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    Fraud Control Measures

    While all businesses are vulnerable to fraud, small businesses have the highest median losses, primarily because they employ fewer...

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160 years strong

After getting our start in a rural Pennsylvania home in 1864, FNB today is among the nation’s 50 largest bank holding companies by total assets. Across a footprint that reaches seven states and Washington, D.C., we are recognized as a leader in innovation and digital banking — all while maintaining our roots as a customer-first institution. Learn more about our journey.

Our History
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We're not just your bankers, we're your neighbors

We provide millions of dollars toward thousands of community initiatives across our seven-state area. Through sponsorships and charitable contributions, we support a wide range of organizations.


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