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      Put idle cash balances to work

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      Maximize funds for investing

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      Maintain accounting integrity

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      Reduce overdraft fees and transaction costs

  • Put Your Cash to Work:

    The Zero Balance Account from FNB Treasury Management helps to maximize earning and utilize excess cash that is sitting idle.

    How It Works:

    Simply open a Business Analysis Account as the master funding account. Then link your various subsidiary operating accounts, such as payroll accounts, to the master account. You can transfer funds as needed to handle payroll and other disbursements while taking advantage of any idle cash balances for investing or to meet minimum balances. You will still maintain autonomy of operating units or regions for accounting integrity.

    Key Benefits:

    Keep operating units separate while taking advantage of the whole organization. This is just one way our Treasury Management services can put your money to work for you.

    Key Features:

    • Put idle cash balances to work
    • Maximize funds for investing
    • Maintain accounting integrity
    • Reduce overdraft fees and transaction costs

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