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Loan Syndications

Providing access to the capital you need.

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The Syndications team at FNB works with you to structure larger loan solutions that incorporate partner banks.

Loan Syndications

Loan Syndications

FNB can support your company’s funding needs throughout its growth. With our loan syndications team, you can continue to work with a local banker who understands your company while securing significant capital and financing arrangements.

Our experienced bankers put together a syndicate of banks, including smaller community banks, to work together on your behalf. We can finance mergers and acquisitions, real estate construction or any other large commercial need. This arrangement simplifies loan administration and helps secure your company’s future.

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What is Syndicate Lending?

These specialized instruments bring together a team, or syndicate, of banks to meet large financing requirements. Each institution funds a portion of the total loan amount. You have one loan agreement, with one set of rates and terms, administered by FNB as your syndicate agent.

When a group of banks comes together to provide financing, each lender has less risk exposure. As a result, your company may have more options to secure capital for growth, construction or expansion.

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Syndicated Options

A syndicate loan structure can fund any commercial need. Clients use our syndicated loans to:

  • Fund mergers, acquisitions and buyouts.
  • Complete asset-based lending (ABL) transactions.
  • Finance commercial real estate construction and term debt.
  • Plan for future capital needs and growth financing.
  • Refinance existing loans.

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