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SWIFT gpi Capabilities

Global payment innovation for precise, trackable cross-border payments.

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First National Bank offers the latest payment technology for speed and transparency of your cross-border payments, making them as efficient as domestic payments.

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SWIFT gpi Capabilities

When you are transferring money internationally, getting it there quickly and safely is essential to your business. With SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi), you can account for your money every step of the way. Plus, your payments arrive in minutes, not days.

FNB is among the select banks and financial institutions offering SWIFT gpi capabilities. This advanced technology makes cross-border payments as quick and efficient as domestic payments — with strong security and transparent tracking.

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What is SWIFT gpi?

SWIFT gpi is a relatively new standard for tracking money sent internationally. Combined with trusted SWIFT money transfers, SWIFT gpi provides a highly secure and traceable tool. It also cuts down on holds or delays that may accompany other payment methods.

That means payments may reach your recipient in minutes instead of days. Most importantly, you will know exactly where your money is and where it has been from the time your funds leave your account until they reach their destination.

You have the confidence that your money has securely credited the seller’s account and you will have complete visibility into processing fees, exchange rate costs and processing times.

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Secure and Flexible Payments

FNB was one of the first dozen banks in North America to qualify for SWIFT gpi when the technology launched. That rapid approval speaks to our investments in technology and security to protect your resources.

SWIFT gpi can help you make the right decisions for your business’s global payments. Your FNB bankers are experienced in using SWIFT gpi for:

  • Global payment capabilities with full traceability.
  • Cross-border securities and foreign exchange transactions.
  • gpi instant payments for immediate credit in the recipient country.
  • Universal credit confirmations for every single SWIFT gpi transaction.
  • Error resolution and stop-and-recall options to make sure your money is where you intend it to be.

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