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FNB Mezzanine Finance

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Mezzanine Finance helps companies like yours with the capital needed to take advantage of market opportunities such as acquisitions, ownership transitions and growth initiatives.


Mezzanine Finance

You have a fast-growing company or family-owned business with a proven track record and solid growth prospects, and now you need a creative solution to access more capital. Perhaps your business wants to make an acquisition, transition ownership or fund growth.

The FNB Mezzanine Finance team can help. We understand the needs of lower middle market companies — generally, those with revenues from $5 million to $50 million. We partner with you to provide flexible gap financing when traditional funding does not cover your needs.

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Mezzanine Finance

What is Mezzanine Debt?

Sometimes, traditional funding is not enough to help you achieve your ambitions for your company. Senior lenders can only take you so far, and your own equity may not be the answer. FNB Mezzanine Finance offers funds to fill the gap.

As junior, or subordinated, debt mezzanine loans provide funds that are secondary to other lending. For that reason, these funds typically have a longer term than other debt that your company repays first. Companies often look to mezzanine funding for projects with short or medium time frames, such as supporting growth or acquisitions.

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Event-Driven Financing

FNB Mezzanine Finance makes substantial investments in mid-sized companies to fund event-driven financing needs, such as:

  • Acquisitions.
  • Buyouts and other ownership transitions.
  • Company sales.
  • Expansions into new geographies.
  • Recapitalizations.
  • Vertical integrations of new business lines.

Most often, our transactions include a combination of a subordinated debt and an equity co-investment. We also offer debt-only solutions.

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