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Global Treasury Solutions

FNB International Banking Services is here to help when your business takes you outside the U.S. and has treasury management needs. We can assist you in establishing in-country account relationships at foreign banks.

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Global Solutions from Local Experts

Global commerce continues to expand, making it essential for companies to manage payment risk, control cash and view details at a moment's notice. FNB can give managers a clear view of their cash flow and risk positions with Global Treasury Solutions. Our experts consult with you to provide the support you need to succeed internationally.

Global Treasury

Cash Management on a Global Scale:

Whether you are seeking to optimize global cash positions, control international bank accounts, or manage risk on global transactions, FNB International Banking is here to help. Taking advantage of our nostros and correspondent banking networks and alliance bank partners, we can assist you in establishing in-country accounts at foreign banks and help simplify the process of exchanging and trading in foreign currencies.

Sophisticated Technology and Solutions:

Our state-of-the-art technology can help you with managing those foreign bank accounts through balance reporting and payment and receipt services. We also offer multi-currency account single point of contact where you can hold and manage over 10 currencies from your location in the U.S. Other benefits we offer include low transactions costs and natural hedging to reduce exchange rate risk. Global Treasury Solutions helps to provide you with risk management knowledge, tools to manage the global payment process, and the ability to make the decisions you need to succeed internationally.

Key Features

  • In-country account relationships at foreign banks
  • Global Information Reporting (GIR)
  • Expertise to help manage risk
  • Multi-currency account single point of contact

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