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      Track and monitor deposits

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      Capture deposits by location in serial number order

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      Streamlines reconcilement

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      Reduces bank service costs

  • Streamline Deposit Processing:

    Deposit Reconciliation is just one of the ways First National Bank's Treasury Management group can save you time and money. Reduced costs and enhanced earning opportunity ... a win-win with Deposit Reconcilement.

    How It Works:

    Using specialized deposit tickets with a unique code for each location, companies with multiple locations can deposit into one main account but track and monitor by individual locations. Deposit transactions made to your checking account are captured by location in serial number order with the date posted along with the deposit amount.

    Key Benefits:

    This consolidation of deposit activity from multiple locations into the main account saves time by eliminating the need to reconcile individual accounts. Bank service costs are reduced and interest earnings are enhanced with this larger, common account.

    Key Features:

    • Track and monitor deposits
    • Capture deposits by location in serial number order
    • Streamlines reconcilement
    • Reduces bank service costs

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