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Canadian Banking Solutions

Easily directing your Canadian transactions across the border.

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First National Bank, through its Canadian banking partnership, offers Banking without Borders (BwB) to support and enhance your U.S./Canadian banking operations and extend your presence in Canadian markets.


Canadian Banking Solutions

As the world gets smaller, Canada is closer than ever before. Your business may have made new connections in Canada, but you may be seeking guidance to best manage your Canadian financing, payroll and other banking needs.

Whether you are new to cross-border banking or looking to expand your market presence, FNB can bring Canadian operations to your doorstep. We make it easy with convenient services designed to ensure your success.

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What is Banking without Borders?

Banking without Borders provides a comprehensive set of Canadian treasury management services. Our trusted experts can help you efficiently and effectively direct your Canadian transactions and cash flow across the border.

Banking without Borders gives you the ability to:

  • Accept deposits from Canadian vendors.
  • Make disbursements to Canadian entities.
  • Pay Canadian employees.
  • Acquire Canadian-dollar financing for your Canadian operations.
  • Keep track of everything through daily accounts information and transaction detail reports.

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