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Global Trade Solutions

Our global trade solutions are a blend of financing tools and payment methods ranging from different types of letters of credit to documentary collections. We have solutions to reduce the risks inherent in global trade.

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Managing the Risks of Global Business

Trust and risk management are crucial elements of any business transaction. But when distance and national borders separate buyers and sellers, risks may be too high and trusting relationships may take too long to develop. First National Bank's Global Trade Solutions offer many ways to reduce the risks inherent in global trade. These include export letters of credit processing, import letters of credit issuance and standby letters of credit. Global Trade Solutions also include documentary collections, when the amount of money exchanged is small or there is an established, trusting relationship between buyer and seller.

Global Trade

Solutions for the Global Marketplace:

When your business involves transactions in the global marketplace, First National Bank has the expertise to manage risk and assist with financing for you and your suppliers. Take advantage of global trade solutions such as:

  • Export Letters of Credit
  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit (bid bond, performance bond or warranty bond)
  • Documentary Collections

Global trade solutions offered by FNB include access to an online trade finance platform to assist in managing the day-to-day administration of international trade. With International Banking at FNB, the distance between the international buyers and sellers feels closer than ever.

Key Features

  • Financing tools and payment methods
  • Letters of credit and documentary collections
  • Expertise to help manage risk
  • Accessible trade finance experts

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