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Global Trade Solutions

Minimizing the space between buyers and sellers who are oceans apart.

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Our global trade solutions are a blend of financing tools and payment methods ranging from letters of credit to documentary collections. We have solutions to reduce the risks inherent in global trade.

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Global Trade Solutions

Doing business in the global marketplace brings many rewards and an entirely new set of challenges. When you and your customers use different currency, banking systems and languages, your risks may increase. FNB helps you mitigate those risks.

FNB Global Trade Solutions offers a blend of import-export banking tools and payment methods to make global trade simpler. From bankers you can call anytime to online tools that put answers at your fingertips, we are here for your business.

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Global Trade Solutions

What are Global Trade Solutions?

Trust and risk management are crucial elements of any business transaction, but when distance and national borders separate buyers and sellers, risks may be elevated and trusting relationships may take too long to develop.

FNB’s Global Trade Solutions offer a variety of tools and solutions to reduce the risks inherent in global trade. Our experienced team assesses your risk exposures then devises a portfolio of solutions to help you get business done while protecting your organization.

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Letters of Credit

The most common and most secure financing tools for international trade are letters of credit (LOC). FNB’s Global Trade Solutions feature a variety of LOCs, including:

  • Export LOC: We help your business prepare for, assess and process exporters’ LOCs. 
  • Import LOC: We issue import LOCs to assure international sellers of your company’s creditworthiness.
  • Standby LOC: We strengthen your export bids with surety bonds, including bid bonds, performance bonds or warranty bonds.

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Other Global Trade Solutions

Documentary Collections

We also offer documentary collections. In this trade process, the exporter receives payment from an importer when the importer presents shipping documents. Documentary collections may be suitable when:

  • The amount of money exchanged is small.
  • Buyer and seller have an established, trusting relationship. 

Through our Global Treasury Solutions, we also offer:

  • In-country account relationships at foreign banks.
  • Global information reporting (GIR).
  • Multicurrency account single point of contact.

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