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Why Choose FNB Global Trade Solutions?

Global Trade

We offer the solutions you need to reduce the risks inherent in global trade. Ultimately, our goal is the same as yours: to grow your export sales and protect your profit margins.

Your FNB banker can provide access to:

  • Expertise to help manage risk: You will find experienced trade experts in all FNB geographic markets across the mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeast. We can advise you on the most appropriate methods to manage your country risk and product risk.
  • Strong lending profile: FNB carries an investment-grade rating from all major rating agencies — backing that gives you and your customers the assurance that you can rely on our letter of credit.
  • Accessible trade finance experts: Our team helps you determine the best approach for your export-import financing needs. We are available for in-person or remote consultations.
  • Wide array of financing tools and payment methods: You can do business across borders with many different types of letters of credit (LOCs) and documentary collections.
  • Online management: Our online trade finance platform assists in managing the day-to-day administration of international trade. Current clients can request access to Trade Finance Online.

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