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EDI Reporting

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) accelerates your ability to process incoming ACH transactions and allows you to quickly and efficiently view ACH transactions.

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Reconcile Payments faster

If your company routinely receives ACH payments and you are looking for a simplified method of reconciling those payments, EDI Reporting from First National Bank makes the process faster and more efficient.

EDI Reporting also offers payment documentation and a wide range of management reports from which to choose — all delivered to you through a secure web portal.

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Harness the Power of Technology

View ACH transactions and remittances with EDI Reporting. Each business day, you receive a list of all payments that will be posted to your account, along with reports that provide important details about those payments.

Choose between a wide selection reports that provide you with the information you need most, such as detailed summaries or sorted by participants. Put your mind at ease knowing that delivery of payment lists and accompanying documentation occurs through a secure portal. The daily reconciliation of payments is easier and faster.

Don't let manual reporting slow your business down – ask about EDI Reporting and other services offered through First National Bank Treasury Management.

Key Features

  • Faster payment processing

  • ACH payment details provided

  • Faster reconciliation

  • Management reports available

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