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      Securely transfer funds between banks

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      Save valuable time

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      Improve cash flow forecasting

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      Reduce potential check fraud

  • Reduce Your Paper Check Expenses:

    Wire transfers eliminate the costs associated with paper-based systems such as check stock, printing and storing of checks, including preparation and postage expense, while reducing the possibility of check fraud losses.

    How It Works:

    Wire transfers allow you to transfer funds efficiently and conveniently from your office. Three easy steps make it work: 

    1. Authorize: Authorize funds to be transferred between accounts and financial institutions.
    2. Submit: Initiate payment instructions via Business Online Banking.
    3. Designate: Determine the date on which funds are debited from your account and wired to the recipient.

    The information contained in the wire transfer is transmitted securely through encrypted communication methods. You save time by eliminating trips to the bank and other manual efforts. You benefit with better forecasting and the improved cash flow.

    Key Features:

    • Securely transfer funds between banks
    • Save valuable time
    • Improve cash flow forecasting
    • Reduce potential check fraud

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