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Foreign Exchange

Currency solutions that extend beyond borders.

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First National Bank (FNB) offers comprehensive foreign exchange solutions for buying, selling or converting over 120 foreign currencies and helping to reduce exchange risk.

Foreign Exchange

Selling, buying or investing overseas can pose substantial risk unless you have the right support. Naturally, you need reliable access to the foreign exchange (FX) market, but you also need trustworthy advice about currency hedging to keep your business sailing smoothly ahead.

At FNB, you’ll find bespoke FX services. Our experienced FX team partners with you to create customized currency risk management strategies and hedging solutions. We help you mitigate your risk so you can manage your overseas and cross-border business more efficiently.

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What is Currency Hedging?

When you do business in a foreign currency, that currency’s fluctuation creates risk in your business — risk that is important to manage. A hedge can help your business avoid volatility and minimize unnecessary risk.

Our FX Specialists:

  • Get to know your business
  • Identify and quantify your FX risk
  • Provide customized hedging solutions
  • Develop and implement a hedging policy

The result is a roadmap that allows you to be more competitive and increase your international business.

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Foreign Exchange Currency

FX Hedging Solutions

FNB offers a full array of currency hedging and FX market tools. Your FX Specialist will recommend an appropriate mix of strategies to deliver the results you want. Throughout the process, you’ll enjoy robust reporting and an easy trade confirmation process.

Our FX solutions include:

  • Spot transactions
  • Forwards
  • Options
  • Cross-currency swaps
  • Market orders

You also have access to secure, immediate and traceable payment transmission to protect your international payments. Learn more about our SWIFT gpi capabilities.

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FX Online

When you’re operating around the globe, you take on additional risk due to rapidly shifting FX rates. Your business can mitigate that risk with our secure, 24/7 access to hedging and other options.

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