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Escrow Management

Manage multiple escrow accounts through a single, master account and save time associated with management and reporting.

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Simple and Reliable Solutions

Trade the chore of keeping track of all those individual escrow accounts for one simple, reliable online system that prepares year-end 1099 forms and mails them directly to an unlimited number of sub-account holders. Just maintain a master online escrow account and a separate business checking account for disbursements. 

Escrow Management from FNB will provide comprehensive monthly statements summarizing activity in master account and detailed activity for each sub-account.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming management of individual escrow accounts.

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Effortless Reconcilement

Our Escrow Management system provides effortless reconcilement of your client's escrowed funds. You maintain a master escrow account and a separate business checking account for funds disbursement. We'll do the busy work establishing and tracking sub-accounts for each of your clients. We will send you a comprehensive monthly statement summarizing the activity in the master account, detailing activity for each sub-account. 

At the end of the year, you will automatically receive reporting prepared for you and mailed directly to your client.

Clean. Comprehensive. Efficient.

Key Features

  • Simple, reliable online system

  • Comprehensive monthly summary

  • Time-saving management of accounts

  • Year-end 1099 form preparation

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