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      Fully customizable filter settings

    • Guaranteed

      Only allow approved ACH debits to process

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      Block and return unauthorized debits

    • Fraud

      Reduce risk of fraud

  • Reduce Fraud Risk:

    Protect your business from fraudulent activity with this proactive filter that allows ACH debits to be filtered, reviewed, approved or returned. You control the filter, ensuring that only approved transactions post to your accounts.

    How It Works:

    If your business arranges for recurring payments to outside entities via ACH payments, you can protect yourself against fraud by using ACH Debit Filter. This filter ensures that only those transactions that are approved can post to your accounts. You set the parameters for filtering, a process that is easy and intuitive. You are able to increase efficiency while reducing your risk exposure. The service also produces real-time reporting, providing valuable insight into your ACH processing activity. We have the tools to make your business more efficient while protecting against fraud.

    Key Features:

    • Screens incoming ACH transactions to identify unauthorized debits, reducing the risk of fraud
    • Automates workflow and flexible filtering parameters
    • Real-time reporting provides valuable insight into ACH processing activity

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