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FNB-FXOnline Access

First National Bank’s Foreign Exchange System provides the latest technology in foreign exchange and global payment and is for FNB clients that have been approved and onboarded to conduct foreign exchange transactions with the bank.

Web-based Foreign Exchange

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Our web-based system offers comprehensive foreign exchange solutions where clients can buy, sell or convert over 120 foreign currencies and help reduce exchange risk.

In addition, you can manage your foreign exchange business easier with our FNB-FXOnline. This foreign currency trading and payment system gives you the capability to trade spot or forward currencies online. It’s an indispensable tool, no matter how many foreign currency transactions you make each month.

Our foreign currency exchange solutions include:

  • Foreign currency remittances
  • Wire transfers and international drafts
  • Spot transactions
  • Forward contracts
  • Swap transactions
  • Cross currency transactions
  • Watch orders
  • Foreign currency options

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To get started with FNB-FXOnline Access, contact our International Banking group to request online access today.

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