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FX Online

When you’re operating around the globe, you take on additional risk due to rapidly shifting foreign exchange (FX) rates. Your business can mitigate that risk with our secure, 24/7 access to hedging and other options.

Foreign Exchange Online

FX Online

FNB’s FX Online system provides the latest technology in global payments. Our secure, convenient online tool puts comprehensive currency payments and trading at your fingertips. Most importantly, it empowers you to put your FX risk hedging strategy into action at any time.

Get started: To access FNB FX Online, contact our International Banking Group today.

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An Indispensable FX Tool

  • Comprehensive FX solution: Buy, sell or convert more than 120 foreign currencies on FX Online to help mitigate your exchange risk.
  • Activity history: Review a history of your transactions and other activities with just a tap. FX Online maintains an up-to-date database of all your FX business activities.
  • 24/7 access: Make trades and swaps at any time — no matter where you’re doing business.

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Powerful Foreign Exchange Transactions

Our FX Online solution lets you securely execute your FX payments anytime. With FX Online, you can download data in Excel or PDF format and securely manage and review:

  • Spot transactions and forward contracts
  • Same-day, next-day or future-dated payments
  • Users and permissions, payment templates and historical data

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A Highly Secure Solution

Your business and currency portfolio information is highly sensitive. That’s why FX Online safeguards you and your information with the latest security protocols. Our advanced technology provides superior protection, with:

  • Up to five steps for secure authentication including out-of-band authentication.
  • Highly trackable foreign currency payments with our SWIFT gpi capabilities.
  • Delivery instruction guidance and reporting.
  • Batch upload and immediate trade confirmation.
  • Accounting and transactional historical records.

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