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Efficient Recap

Today's technology makes it easier and more cost-effective to establish controls to improve the efficiency of internal processes.

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To start, consider how your company might benefit from spending controls that help maintain spending limits, track expenses and improve employee accountability.

Purchasing cards are a sensible business efficiency because they reduce an otherwise lengthy paper trail, minimize the impact of missing documentation and ultimately save time. You have the ability to customize spending controls and assign maximum spending limits, to prevent disputes and improve spending control across your organization. You could also restrict spending according to vendor type, such as gas stations, hotels or office supply stores. Flexibility is no issue, since controls can be updated quickly at any time.

Spending controls do a good job of improving expense management on the front end. You'll also notice improved efficiency when it's time to review expenses.

An easy-access online reporting system monitors activity down to the individual card level. With just a few clicks, you can review when, where or how much money was spent. Other reports will allow you to view spending trends across your company at a glance.

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