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Howard Bank

FNB welcomes Howard Bank Customers

Discover what First National Bank (FNB) has to offer in addition to important conversion dates and instructions.

Partners in Your Success

We are excited to welcome Howard Bank personal and business customers to FNB. As part of the FNB family, you will have access to more of the things that make banking better. More convenience, more technology, more innovation and products and services to help you achieve your goals.

You can rely on our bankers to help you develop a plan to achieve your financial goals. With the professional guidance, support and resources of one of the 50 largest bank holding companies in the U.S., you can be certain that your plan will continue to work for you.

Howard Bank

Important Updates

  • Howard Bank customers will begin receiving detailed information about their specific products in December 2021.
  • Howard Bank customers will receive a Welcome Guide containing detailed information about the conversion in early January 2022.
  • For Howard Bank customers with select Treasury Management products, FNB will host live webinar sessions throughout January covering basic Business Online Banking use as well as specific topics such as Wire Initiation, ACH Origination, Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay and Remote Deposit services. Customers will be emailed more details regarding these information sessions including dates, times and how to access the webinars.

Key Dates

See the key dates below to prepare for a seamless banking transition.

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July 13, 2021

FNB and Howard Bank announce merger.

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February 5, 2022

Howard Bank locations closed.

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February 6, 2022

Howard Bank locations closed.

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February 7, 2022

All former Howard Bank locations will open for business as FNB.

Welcome to FNB’s Digital Banking Services

To prepare you for this transition, please be aware that Howard Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking services will only be available to view balances beginning Friday, February 4, 2022. Those balances will be accurate as of the end of business on February 4, 2022. You may access your accounts through FNB Online Banking at after 8:00 AM ET on Monday, February 7, 2022.

This process will establish your User ID and Password that you can use moving forward with FNB’s Online and Mobile Banking services. Please return to this page on or after Monday February 7, 2022, and follow the setup instructions below to complete this process.

online and mobile banking

Steps for Setting Up Your Online Banking Access

Follow the steps below to setup your Online Banking account on or after February 7, 2022.

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Step 1

Return to this page on or after Monday, February 07, 2022, to get started.

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Step 2

Review and accept our Consumer Agreement for Online Services.

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Step 3

Set up your new password. You can use your Howard Bank password as long as it meets our guidelines.

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Step 4

Confirm your email address to ensure we have the correct information on file.

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Step 5

Setup our Enhanced Account Security service (out of band authentication and security questions) which increases the security of your accounts.

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Step 6

Select your Online Statement and Notices preferences.

What You Need to Know About FNB’s Online and Mobile Banking Services

  • FNB will migrate your existing Howard Bank User ID where possible. Keep in mind that you must first log in to Online Banking to complete the setup process and establish your Online and Mobile access.
  • We will transfer your transaction history and online statements to FNB. Please note, when you first access FNB’s Online Banking service you will be prompted to confirm your preferences for online or paper statements and notices.
  • If you have existing future-dated or recurring online funds transfers established with Howard Bank’s Online Banking service, your online transfers will be converted to FNB.
  • If you currently make payments using Howard Bank’s Online Bill Payment service, you will be automatically enrolled in FNB’s Online Bill Payment service and all scheduled bill payments and payee information will be transferred automatically to FNB.
  • If you currently use the Zelle® person-to-person payment service with Howard Bank, your profile, contacts and scheduled payments will be transferred to FNB’s Zelle® person-to-person payment service.

Before Your Move to FNB

  • Verify your contact information, including email address, mobile phone number and account address. If any information is not accurate, please update it with Howard Bank so current information will be transferred to FNB.
  • To ensure you have retained all transaction history, we recommend printing your Howard Bank transaction history and your online statements prior to Friday, February 4, 2022.
  • Inform any users to whom you have granted online access to your business accounts that their access will not be transitioned and you will need to re-establish their access with FNB.
  • We recommend that you print your Howard Bank payment history, payee list and currently scheduled payments prior to Friday, February 4, 2022, to verify that all information has transferred.

After Your Move to FNB

  • If you currently have Alerts set up through Howard Bank’s Online or Mobile Banking service, they will not be converted to FNB’s Online and Mobile Banking service. On or after Monday, February 7, 2022, you will need to log in to FNB Online or Mobile Banking to re-establish your Alerts.
  • If you currently use your Howard Bank debit card in order to make digital payments through your mobile device (Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Google Pay), you will need to remove the Howard Bank card and add your new FNB card to your mobile device on or after Monday, February 7, 2022.
  • If you currently use Quicken or QuickBooks to directly connect to Howard Bank, on or after Monday, February 7, 2022, you can download a Quicken or QuickBooks formatted file and import your balance information and transaction activity into Quicken or QuickBooks from the FNB Online Banking site.
  • Establish and set up External Transfers to and from accounts that you own with other financial institutions.
  • Make payments to people you know and trust through Zelle.®

For more detailed information about your transition to FNB, you will receive a Welcome Guide, Online Banking Welcome Letter and other product-specific materials providing detailed information about your transition to FNB.

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