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Financial Insights

Make smart, safe and informed financial decisions.

First National Bank’s Financial Insights program puts you in the driver’s seat of your own financial education journey. Explore key topics below and grow your knowledge at your own pace.

  1. Checking Accounts

    Learn about the features, benefits and functions of checking accounts.

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  2. Car Loans

    Explore different ways to buy a car and the steps you can take to apply for a car loan.

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  3. Credit Cards

    Learn how credit cards work, what features to look for and how to manage a credit card responsibly.

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  1. Credit Scores and Reports

    Learn about how credit is measured and the impact it can have on your financial goals.

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  2. Identity Protection

    Learn how to protect your identity and the steps to take if your personal information is stolen.

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  3. Creating a Budget

    Learn strategies, tips and tools to stick to your budget and achieve your financial goals.

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  1. Buying a Home

    Learn the process, resources and strategies to help you buy a home while sticking to a budget.

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High School Financial Insights


Explore our free resources covering topics ranging from paying for college to the basics of investing.

Resources are available in two formats: downloadable presentations for educators to teach in the classroom and interactive online learning modules designed specifically for students.

  1. Educator Resources

    Download five financial presentations and resources for your students, including credit card use, paying for college, identity protection and more.

    All topics include a course overview, PowerPoint presentation and student worksheet with answer key.

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  2. Student Resources

    Explore budgeting, savings and investing learning modules at your own pace. Better yet, you can learn right from your phone.

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