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Financial Education

Helping teachers better prepare students for life.

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Financial Education

FNB is dedicated to ensuring students are financially prepared for whatever comes after high school. In support of this, we are providing financial education resources to have at your fingertips. Available whenever you need them, the following Financial Education Resources focus on the basics to help your students gain a strong foundation of financial wellness.

Financial Education Topics

  1. Saving and Budgeting

    A basic introduction to money management, saving and budgeting is the first step in any financial journey. This resource will teach your students where to start and demonstrate the importance of budgeting through an exercise showing how expenses add up quickly.

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  2. Credit Card

    Credit cards are a great tool, but improper use can lead to financial trouble. Teach students how to properly use credit cards, what a credit score is, how to build good credit and the effects of bad credit.

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  3. Protecting Your Identity

    Identity theft is an unfortunate reality and more common than your students might think. This resource breaks down the importance of protecting their identity, the things they do every day that could lead to identity fraud and how to safely maintain their personal information.

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  1. Buying Your First Car

    Buying your first car is a big and exciting step for anyone. This resource breaks down the options for purchasing or leasing a car, the different payment options and additional items that should be considered before making the purchase.

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  2. Paying for College

    Paying for college is a big expense. Luckily, there are several ways to help lighten the load. This resource explains the different expenses in addition to tuition, as well as the loan, grant and scholarship options that can assist in covering the cost.

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