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Hands-On Engagement

The on-the-ground projects, initiatives and conversations that foster greater equity for customers and communities.

We Show Up

FNB employees volunteering

Driving change is hard. Ultimately, it takes perseverance and being present, so FNB is at the forefront of initiatives that move us all toward greater equality.

Employees from all levels of our organization annually contribute to progress through thousands of volunteer hours that benefit dozens of community groups in underserved neighborhoods.

Just as important, we listen. We proactively communicate with nonprofits, economic development and community advocacy groups and our employees to understand how we can improve and create a greater impact. This approach was integral in ensuring that the financial education that we develop and deploy through eStore® adds value, whether it is accessed online, in our mobile app or via in-branch kiosks in diverse communities.

For more information about FNB’s commitment to build stronger communities, including through employee volunteerism, review our Corporate Responsibility Report.

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