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Our Inclusive Workplace

FNB is committed to building a diverse workplace where employees can learn, grow and prosper.

A Diverse, Engaged Workforce

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We actively work to create a diverse workplace with continued opportunities for professional growth that, in turn, attracts and fulfills valued, dedicated team members. Employees who represent different cultures, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds create a vibrant environment that fosters creativity, innovation and overall success.

Fostering Inclusion

Our inclusive culture depends on commitment from each of our employees, which is why we provide forums to engage team members in our continued evolution and incent and encourage our colleagues to refer new, diverse talent to our Company.

A cornerstone of our efforts is the FNB Diversity Council, initiated by our Chairman and CEO to take further action to drive inclusion in our business and communities. Formed with members from a cross-section of the Company who represent various roles, perspectives, backgrounds and experience levels, the Diversity Council’s objectives include:

  • Promoting an inclusive culture that attracts, retains and develops the best talent from a broad spectrum to create a diverse, highly productive workforce, at all levels of the organization, that reflects the customers and communities we serve.
  • Cultivating a rewarding experience where all employees are respected and know they have an opportunity to excel within the Company, which will translate to positive financial results, a differentiated customer experience and sustainable value for our shareholders.

We also believe that education is key to fostering empathy and understanding. Employees are encouraged to engage in active dialogue and to learn from each other about issues pertaining to diversity. These efforts are supplemented with formal development activities, including Inclusive and Positive Workplace training.

Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

Today, more than one-third of FNB’s Board of Directors are diverse, and more than half of all executives, senior officials and managers are female, minority or both. We remain focused on enhancing and driving greater diversity and inclusion in our workforce and have been recognized for our commitment. We’ve implemented multiple programs — many of which were created with input from the Diversity Council — to ensure our hiring and development practices are fair and equitable, including:

  • Incorporating inclusion, diversity and equity as important and measurable elements in the strategic plan that governs our path forward and shapes our definition of success.
  • Working closely with nearly 50 affinity organizations, colleges and universities, to recruit and place diverse candidates.
  • Ensuring each member of our talent acquisition team receives certification as an AIRS® Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter (CDR). 
  • Leveraging our leadership development and mentoring program to emphasize career advancement opportunities for diverse employees.
  • Mansfield Certified (2020) and Mansfield 2.0 Certified (2022) by Diversity Lab for FNB Legal Department’s implementation of strategies that support an expansion of diverse talent considered for leadership positions and increased transparency regarding advancement expectations and qualifications.
  • Raising our minimum hourly wage to $15, with particular impact for employees who are in rural or low- to moderate- income communities.

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