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      Flexible and Convenient

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      Borrow up to $3 million1

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      Prime and SOFR interest rate options available2

  • Enjoy Flexibility and Convenience:

    A Private Banking Secured Line of Credit from FNB gives you the flexibility to borrow funds based on your needs.3 By pledging your investments, you benefit from lower interest rates and the flexibility of using your Secured Line of Credit for things like short term liquidity needs, real estate or other business investments, bridge financing to purchase that second home, estate planning strategies and a variety of other needs. Whether you use your line for investment purposes, short term liquidity needs or to make a large purchase, a Private Banking Secured Line of Credit provides you the borrowing power and flexibility you need to help meet your financial objectives.

    How a Private Banking Secured Line of Credit works:

    A Private Banking Secured Line of Credit allows you to borrow funds based on your needs, at any time, up to a certain amount—unlike an installment loan that is for a specific dollar amount. As you repay your outstanding balance—the amount of available credit is replenished, meaning you can borrow against it again and again. With this type of loan, you only pay interest on the amount you use. By using your investment account as collateral, we can generally offer higher limits and lower rates than with other forms of borrowing. 

    Key Features:

    • Secured by an FNB Investment Account, FNB deposits or cash surrender value of life insurance4
    • Flexibility to borrow as needed, repay and borrow again up to your credit limit5
    • Borrow up to $3,000,0001
    • Variable interest rate options tied to the U.S. Prime Rate or One-Month Term Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)2
    • Easy access to your funds with online transfer

    Great For:

    • Short-term liquidity needs
    • Real estate, business and alternative investments
    • Large purchases
    • Gifting and estate planning strategies
  • The Borrowing Process:

    Our objective is to make the borrowing process simple and straightforward. To apply for an Interest Only Unsecured Installment Loan, you will want to have the following information available for your visit with a Private Banker. 

    Required Identification:

    • A non-expired ID (driver’s license, state-issued ID, Military ID, passport, or Permanent Resident Card and visa)

    Getting Prepared:

    While you won't need this for your initial visit to start the application process, as we evaluate your application, we may ask you for additional pieces of information. You may be asked:

    • To verify your income
    • To provide bank statements
    • To provide tax documents

With any account, you also get the latest in digital technology:

Products With You In Mind

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Notices & Disclosures

1 - Draw periods vary by line of credit solution.
2 - Subject to credit and collateral evaluation; higher limits may be available for qualified borrowers.
3 - U.S. Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal or Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) as calculated by the New York Federal Reserve.
4 - All loan products are subject to credit approval.
5 - Advance rates vary by type of collateral.

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