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Managing Life Events

Most people have times when short-term expenses take priority over long-term goals such as saving for retirement. Whatever the reason — job loss, illness or change in family status are a few — reassess your financial picture once you’re settled and get back on track as soon as you can.

Plan for pauses

managing life events

Life events can get in the way of saving, especially for those long-term goals. Whether you’re early in your career or experienced, saving for retirement sometimes takes a back seat to more pressing financial needs.

Hold up, but keep it short

Even if you’ve been regularly saving for retirement, an unexpected job loss or illness may mean you decide to put your long-term savings on hold. Creating an action plan is a good way to make sure your pause is temporary. Set a date when you’d like to re-start your savings and do your best to meet it.

Factor in the break

If you interrupted your retirement savings, you may be worried about the future — and rightly so. Take a careful and realistic look at how much money you’ll need in retirement and adjust if you need to. You may want to consider working with a professional investment advisor for guidance, especially if you’re nearing retirement.

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