Online Banking Upgrade

Important Information for Online Banking Users.

 Important Information: Online Banking is currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.  We expect to be back online by approximately 6:30 PM.  Thank you for your patience.

As part of our Online Banking upgrade, FNB has redesigned our first-time on-boarding process for existing customers. The first time after you log in to the new site, we will walk you through a new first-time login flow which consists of the following steps:

  1. You will be asked to review and accept our updated “Consumer Agreement for Online Services”
  2. You will be asked to confirm your email address to ensure we have correct and updated information on file
  3. You will be asked to enroll in our new "Enhanced Account Security" or out-of-band authentication service which is designed to increase the security of your accounts
    When signing up for our Enhanced Account Security service you will be asked to select an existing phone number or provide a new phone number where we will send you security codes you will need to log into Online Banking periodically.

    Receiving Online Banking Security Alert Codes via SMS/Text Messaging:
    If you choose to receive the security code via SMS/Text Messaging, once you receive your code on your phone, you must click in the entry field on the “Verification” page and enter the 6-digit code from within the body of the text message.  

  5. We will also ask you to confirm your preferences for your Overdraft Services to ensure you are not inconvenienced at the point-of-sale
  6. Lastly, we will ask you to confirm your Online Statement and Notice preferences