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Global Treasury Solutions

Easing the challenges of managing foreign bank accounts.

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FNB International Banking Services are here to help when your business takes you outside the U.S. and has treasury management needs. We can assist you in establishing in-country account relationships at foreign banks.

Global Trade Solutions

Global Treasury Solutions

As global commerce continues to expand, your business grows with it, but in a world of changing demands it is essential to manage your payment risk, control cash and view details at a moment’s notice.

FNB is here for you when your business takes you across borders. Our Global Treasury Solutions team can help you define the right transaction approach to minimize your risk and maximize your convenience.

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Global Treasury Solutions

Global Cash Management

Global Treasury Solutions help you develop a cash management strategy on a global scale. Our team provides risk management knowledge and tools to manage the global payment process. You gain the ability to make the decisions you need to succeed internationally.

By devising a strategy customized for your business, we help you extend your reach globally, and by establishing multicurrency accounts, we can simplify the process for exchanging and trading. You can often avoid the need to establish in-country banking — a complex and time-consuming process. Ultimately, you can smoothly operate around the globe, focusing on your business instead of your banking.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to help you manage your foreign transactions and accounts. Through balance reporting and payment and receipt services, our Global Treasury Solutions provide:

  • Multicurrency account single point of contact: Choose from among more than 10 currencies to hold and manage from your location in the U.S.
  • Global information reporting (GIR): We offer streamlined reporting and management support to help you meet international tax and regulatory requirements.
  • Natural hedging: We use less costly approaches to reduce currency exchange rate risks and protect your bottom line.
  • Foreign bank accounts: When necessary, we can help you establish in-country account relationships at foreign banks and often, we can provide other solutions to simplify your processes.

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