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Trade Finance Online

Trade finance details at your fingertips.

Export-import activities across the globe sometimes demand letters of credit and documentary collections at a moment’s notice. With our Trade Finance Online system, your export-import documentation needs are covered.

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Trade Finance Online

We provide secure trade finance and supply chain solutions at your fingertips. With our 24/7 tool, you have a convenient way to help manage payment risk, grow sales and access alternative financing.

Get started: To access the FNB Trade Finance Online tool, contact our International Banking group today.

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Around the Clock Convenience

Our Trade Finance Online solution lets FNB clients access certain global trade activities around the clock, at their convenience. With Trade Finance Online, you can securely provide, receive and review:

  • Standby letters of credit (both domestic and international).
  • Export letters of credit.
  • Import letters of credit.
  • Export documentary collections.
  • Import documentary collections.
  • Supply chain finance.

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Powerful Features

By opting into Trade Finance Online, you can:

  • Eliminate paper: No more waiting for letters of credit (LOCs) to show up in the mail or via FedEx. You can process reporting on your time.
  • Verify receipt of your information: When you are selling (exporting) internationally, you can receive prompt electronic notification when a client has initiated an LOC or documentary collection.
  • Speed up the processing of letters of credit: You can initiate several types of LOC or documentary collections if you are buying (importing) goods or services.
  • Check activity history: Trade Finance Online creates an ongoing and growing database of all your trade activities. At any time, you can review and verify LOCs issued and received.
  • Access your information 24/7: All of your records and information are available whenever you are working — whether during traditional business hours or other times that require prompt action.

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