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Why Choose FNB for an Interest Rate Swap?

We provide interest rate swaps only to existing clients.

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If you haven’t yet moved your business to FNB, we’re glad you’re looking into this option. An interest rate swap offers existing FNB clients:

  • Competitive rates and products: Our platform allows us to provide sophisticated hedging structures that you would find at some of the nation’s largest institutions. We listen closely to you and care about your business.
  • Experienced team: Across the FNB footprint, our risk management specialists have years of experience in interest rate hedging and swaps and are ready to structure arrangements that work for you.
  • Personalized approach: Your banker and interest rate specialist analyze your current loans and cash flows and develop a projection of your future credit needs. For your customized solution, we thoroughly explain the pros and cons so you can decide what the best approach is for your organization.
  • Forward-looking advice: Many factors affect interest rates. Before you make a decision, we discuss what is on the horizon that could impact your plans and any options that could mitigate problems. We want you to be fully equipped with all the information you need to make a decision.

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