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SBA Financing for Your Business

When pursuing new opportunities, the process to secure financing can be complex. Consider a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan as a more manageable route.

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It's more efficient. Working with a preferred SBA lender like FNB gives you streamlined access to financing because preferred lenders are authorized to make final credit decisions without additional approval from the SBA. This can cut weeks out of the time it takes for you to receive funding.

It's more flexible. SBA loans are guaranteed by the U.S. government up to $5 million, mitigating risk and allowing lenders to provide financing for businesses that may not qualify for conventional loans. Once secured, an SBA loan is free of operational covenants, so as long as payments stay current, the loan cannot be called or put into default over an operational efficiency ratio.

It's built for you. Reduced down payment requirements and extended terms, often of 10 - 25 years, result in lower regular payments and more money for you to put toward running the business. The longer lifespan of an SBA loan can drive your monthly payments down even more than a low rate. SBA 7(a) Advantage loans are the most common, but there are a range of programs available to support the above needs and more. An SBA loan can be adapted to fit almost any thoughtful approach to growth or continued success.

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