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Creating a Culture of Awareness

With fewer resources to dedicate to information technology (IT) security, small and mid-sized companies face heightened risk. To protect yourself and your business, you must foster a culture of awareness.

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Educate your team, and set expectations around password and email safety. Phishing scams are one of the easiest ways for the bad guys to get what they need. Every employee should be informed not to click on links or respond to requests for sensitive information without verifying (and double-verifying) the recipient's identity.

Partner with cybersecurity experts committed to risk management and the safeguarding of your financial information to protect your business. The fight against cybercrime is one you don't have to face alone. Don't be afraid to rely on a partner for whom data security is a full-time job. FNB's team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of each piece of information traveling through the bank without slowing your business transactions.

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