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Executive Benefits

Just as retirement savings and other benefits are important for employees to secure their financial futures, business owners and executives need to optimize the potential of their wealth for future financial security.

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A business owner often creates substantial personal wealth through the value they create in their business over time, which is usually an illiquid asset and heavily dependent on their involvement in the business. As such, too much of the wealth is trapped within this privately held business, which one day may need to be diversified for retirement and estate planning purposes.

With a company's success comes higher personal income and opportunities to invest some income in assets other than the closely held business. The extra income can also be leveraged via bank loans to invest in a larger home, second home or other assets.
A private banking group helps business owners achieve diversification through a focused, consultative and high-touch service experience.

A private banker can provide business owners with customized deposit and lending solutions and access to wealth management experts. Investment advisors can provide independent investment management to executives or business owners seeking customized portfolio strategies to diversify personal asset mix from a concentration in closely held business toward a broader portfolio that includes readily marketable securities.

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