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Maintain Your Edge

Finding new ways to maximize growth in a mature business can be challenging. There are several options to spur growth.

Increase efficiencies.

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Cash management solutions are available to drive efficiency, so you can focus on running your business. FNB offers robust online and mobile banking functionality, corporate credit card programs, remote deposit scanners and lockbox services for businesses with high transaction volumes - all designed to make it more convenient to manage financial processes.

Analyze your supply chain.

Competent sourcing of suppliers includes evaluating cost, expertise, technical skills and proximity to manufacturing facilities.

Cultivate additional supplier relationships now to smooth out any potential challenges resulting from geopolitical strife or a natural disaster. If you receive overseas shipments to U.S. ports, explore multiple port options to avoid any unforeseen logistical challenges.

Maximize interest rate management.

Finding the right mix of floating and long-term interest rates to fund growth or retire debt is another option. For companies with imminent construction needs or that are positioned to grow, the financing environment is excellent for using bank loans and bonds for affordable rates to fund plans. Another consideration is locking in long-term rates with strategic interest rate management, which is advantageous in an inverted yield curve environment that lowers long-term rates.

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