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Optimizing the Digital Customer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated an already massive digital migration, permanently altering consumer behavior and business models. Businesses are expected now more than ever to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. To meet this increased demand, companies can invest in data and digital technology to provide faster, more responsive service and ensure solutions are targeted to meet consumers’ unique needs and preferences.


Invest in data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Using AI and machine learning tools to gather and apply customer data to personalize product and service recommendations is essential to creating an engaging experience. According to a 2021 study by Accenture, 38 percent of businesses are currently using some form of AI technology to further engagement, a number that is projected to grow to 62 percent by the end of 2021.

At FNB, data analysis has a significant role in our investments in technology and enhancements to our client experience. We leverage data to deliver customized product recommendations, educational resources and website design based on each customer’s unique interests.

Consider automation.

By automating repetitive processes, team members can repurpose their time to focus on meaningful work. Chatbots are a great example of automation because they can provide instant responses for most questions, freeing up customer service representatives to focus on more difficult issues. However, automated technologies should be used to enhance, rather than entirely replace, the human experience. While many customers want a personalized experience, there is still a desire for a balance between face-to-face interaction and automation.

Go mobile.

From shopping to banking, utilization of mobile channels continues to grow significantly. It is critical to have a mobile presence where customers can engage with your brand and buy your products and services.

It is equally important that you are equipped to accept digital payments safely and efficiently. If you are interested in getting started with digital payments, FNB’s Merchant Services team can provide a comprehensive digital payment strategy that is secure and cost-effective. We also offer innovative solutions to protect against fraud:

Options to Drive Efficiency

Your bank can offer forward-thinking solutions to streamline administrative processes, including collections. Lockbox solutions and cash vault services allow businesses to process payments and deposits faster and with greater accuracy, using digital tools to monitor, report and analyze all of their activities online more safely.

How do lockbox and cash vault services work?

With lockbox solutions, businesses can direct their customers to send their payments to a post office box address. The bank retrieves the payments, enters the transaction information electronically and deposits the funds into the business’s account.

Cash vault services provide an armored courier service to deliver cash and checks to a secure vault in the bank, crediting your account the day they are received and providing 24/7 access to an electronic ordering system to maintain cash on-hand and monitor all deposit transactions.

In addition to minimizing the time and expenses required to process payments, which can improve cash flow and funds availability, lockbox and cash vault services improve productivity and reduce risk with less cash handling and fewer opportunities for manual entry errors.

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