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Investing in Tech

At some point, you'll face a decision on whether to invest in new technology. By staying flexible and open to creative ways to optimize resources, you can make the right choice for the right reasons without sacrificing attention on your business or customers.

IT specialist working in a server room.

If you are deciding whether to pursue a technology project, these are questions to ask before you invest.

What does success look like?

Think about the business challenge you are trying to solve and the goals you are trying to reach beyond the point of launch. Will this investment get you there?

What can we afford?

Know what you will have to spend in dollars and time, not just for launch, but for the ongoing management, maintenance and enhancement of the project. Be certain you have enough left over to balance ongoing investments in your business infrastructure.

Can we live it?

Successful technology investments require great focus and great execution. Make sure it's a fit for your culture and that your employees and customers are open to, and enthusiastic about, the change.

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