Wire Transfer

Allow appointed individuals to initiate Domestic or Foreign bank-to-bank wire transfers between financial institutions via a secure internet connection or fax. Bank-to-Bank wire transfer is considered the safest payment method. You maintain control of available funds until you need to cover disbursements while reducing the time and expense of writing and processing checks.

Key Features

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  • Authorize funds transferred between accounts and financial institutions
  • Submit payment instructions via ExecuBanc business internet banking or fax
  • Debit of funds from your account and release of the wire will take place on the date you have designated
  • Information contained in wire is transmitted securely through encrypted communication methods
  • Saves time by eliminating trips to the bank and other manual efforts
  • Improved cash flow  for forecasting
  • Eliminates the costs associated with paper-based systems such as check stock, printing and storing of checks, including preparation and postage expense
  • Reduce check fraud losses

Downloadable Reference Materials
US Dollar International Wire Guide
IBAN Formats Guide